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Sorry to disappear for 3 days last week, but I’m sure you know by know that I am about neither quantity OR quality. Things were really hitting the proverbial fan at work last week, even considering the fact that I got out of work early on Thursday and worked from home on Friday. The bigwigs […]

My problems with modern technology continue unabated.

I broke down and took the truck to the dealership on Monday morning. Of course, on the way, the check-engine light turned itself back OFF, as the truck did its best to make sure that by the time it rolled into the garage, nothing would actually be […]

Sorry for the late post today, and the rather high possibility of no post at all tomorrow. Things at work are pretty hectic, so I haven’t had a lot of time to do all the brain-storming and research that goes into each word I write. (For example, today’s post was written only after a staff […]

Oh, how I hate modern technology. Wait…hate? That might not be the right word. Perhaps it’s love. The two are so intertwined, and I’m of such a brilliantly paradoxical nature, it’s hard to tell. Anyway, today’s topic is modern technology, and why it is awesome and/or pisses me off.

Exhibit A: The XM Satellite […]

Ooh, tough news. My aunt sent me one of those “answer all these mildly idiotic questions about yourself and send it on to everyone” emails. You know what that means: I answer all the questions on here and force you all to read them! (Seriously. Read this, or I will show up at your house […]

This article irritated me, just for the headline:

Petty, Not Earnhardt, Is the Real King of Daytona

Petty Won Seven Daytona 500s, Six More Than Earnhardt

Whoa. Somebody sounds bitter. I’m an Earnhardt fan, and I don’t remember ever saying he was the King of anything. (Anything except my heart.) Having a headline like […]

For years now, friends of mine have been telling me “Dude, Hearn, you totally have to see ‘The Big Lebowski,’ dude, it’s totally YOU.”

So on Sunday, after church but BEFORE my audition, Hearnwife and I rented it via the technological marvel that is “Comcast OnDemand” and gave it a watch. Here is what […]

Ah, Valentines day. The day in which I have to come with a card and a reasonably quality present for HW, else I’ll come home and she’ll present me with a thick card that folds out to reveal a 12th century triptych icon on thin cardboard, complete with gold leaf inlay halos. Once I finish […]

So much for daily postings huh? Argh. The mind, the body, and the spirit were weak, not to mention every time I tried to type something up, something came up. Wednesday, I started a column and had to leave the office to go manhandle servers around all afternoon, followed by an evening of having burnt […]

What the hell, weatherman? It’s freakin’ February, and the temperature keeps getting up into the 50s? Yesterday afternoon at the grocery store I had to keep hobbling down to the frozen foods aisle and stick my torso and head in a freezer to ensure that I didn’t succumb. (If you find my hat frozen to […]