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My ankle REEEEEAAAAALLLLY hurts. A lot, a lot a lot. Right now it’s resting on a bag of frozen broccoli, which helps a bit, but I seem to have sprained it rather drastically.

Saturday night we went out to a variety of places, and ended up at my boy Noah’s house, where I slipped […]

Late update today! Here’s the lowdown: the Comcast tech, through the power of his touch, fixed my cable modem. I’m now using my awesome-tastic and highly reliable Linksys modem, so things should be up and running for grood now. The Comcast tech just checked the signal strength, which was fine, and then plugged in the […]

Attention all able-bodied people within driving distance of New Castle County! We’re getting the band back together. Wait…not band…softball team. Yeah, that’s it.

Milo and I are determined that this is the year we sign for organized co-ed softball. And we need people, particularly chicks. So if you have any interest in playing very […]

First of all, my apologies to those of you who may have been attempting to download any of the Y-Chromes alumni songs, or view certain things that are hosted on my server at home. My RCA cable modem appears to have finally given up the ghost. It had always been very flaky; there’s something loose […]

Are people asleep today? In the 25 minutes it took me to get to the office this morning, I noticed 6 instances of people clearly not paying the least bit of attention to their driving, or to the other cars around them, or to the fact that dammit people I need to get somewhere, stop […]

There’s really only one way to put it: The Onion-style.


I don’t know how we’re going to do it, but we’re going to win this game. Somehow we have to beat the two-time Super Bowl MVP, the best head coach in […]

It’s my birthday and I’ll dance if I want to Dance if I want to Dance if I want to You would dance too if it happen’d to-oo yoooou

Oh yeah. Who’s 27 today? THIS GUY.

Anyway, here are some thoughts on birthdays in general, mine specifically, and why I am […]

A great number of people have asked me, “Hey MattyMatt, what do you want for your birthday?” (Okay, only two people have asked me. It’s cool…I know you all don’t really like me. You just love my doggy style.) In the spirit of Christmas, which of course happened almost one month ago now, here are […]

I was never a huge fan of The Honorable Ruth Ann Minner, Governor of Delaware. I didn’t agree with the ban on smoking; I thought it would have been cooler to just force places that wanted to have smoking to get licenses for it, and be stingy with the licenses. I also thought it odd […]

Why are you wasting time here, when you could be investigating this? Go! Go! Turn up your sound! I almost peed a little!

Except that it wasn’t “almost” . . . and it turned out to be a lot. Of pee. Now I smell like cheerios.