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My buddy Doug sent me this earlier today and it made me giggleth, so I’m sharing it with all o’ y’alls:

Sacrilege rules.

Tonight: Game 3! Tomorrow: I talk about why I hate fantasy football!

UPDATE: The above is not sacrilege. I know sacrilege, sir, and that is not him.


Okay, James Lileks better fear my wrath. Him AND his oustanding writing skeelz. I was all ready to write a nice long post about the flu, and the flu vaccine, and why the American news media is absolutely crapping its collective pants, and why this is completely retarded. Then I go through my daily reading […]


First of all, we should get one thing straight. The Red Sox did not “make” history.

History already existed. In fact, for the Sawx, there’s over a century of history, large portions of it filled with it disappointment, and angst, and depression, and quite possibly scurvy. History has been with the Sox this whole […]

This gentleman is Frank Paul, aka BikerFox. I think we can all agree that he is hell of foxy, not to mention super-soxy. In lieu of a column today, I want everybody to go to his website and read all of it, including the story of his miraculous weight loss, his invention of the […]

Okay, I think it’s time to admit it. To come clean. Despite being born and raised within 25 miles of Philadelphia, I have come down with a serious case of Red Sox Fevah.

Don’t worry; I’m still a Phillies fan. It’s just that, darn it, until the Phillies are willing to shell out the […]

To quote a favorite movie, what in the Wide World of Sports is a-goin’ on outside? It’s colder than a Fairbanks February (yay for hyperbole!) outside this morning. There was frost on the cars. FROST. The crazy lady on the radio said something about it being 34 degrees outside. In October? How am I supposed […]

Today’s post is gonna jump around a bit, since I have no remaining ability for coherence. You’ll see why shortly.

The reason there was no post yesterday, and why Wednesday’s post was thrown on at roughly 6:30pm despite being ready at noon, was that at 12:01pm we had a major outage here at work that […]

Uh oh . . . Emily sent me a survey! Guess what that means! It’s time for all of y’all to edumacate yourselves about the B.A.M.F. that is MATT HEARN. Let’s begin.

What time do you get up?

It varies. If I get to bed at midnight, I’m usually up around 8. If I […]

NOTE: It has been made apparent to me that this post is difficult to follow because there are TWO Dougs involved. One is Doug Cook, who ran the half-marathon. The other is Doug Nagengast, who I know from high school. Hopefully that makes things easier to follow.

Kickin’ it Old School in Beantown, Day […]