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In the vein of yesterday’s political-type column, go take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and post your results! I scored rather highly Libertarian, although admittedly the test left out certain things like foreign policy and environmental policy, areas where the Libertarian party and I tend to, um, differ. Check check it OOOOOUUUUUTTTTTT.

And thanks […]

At my company, in order to track how many hours we spend working on various projects for various clients, we have a phone system that we use to enter our hours. (Yes, you heard right: one of the largest computer companies in the world still uses a phone system to enter time sheets. Sad, really.) […]

I think I need to start carrying a purse. A “manbag,” if you will.

You’re probably sitting there wondering, “Well, obviously. Matt’s finally coming out of the closet.” To which I respond, “You, many gay men, and the entire world’s female population, WISH!” No, I need to start carrying a purse so I look […]

I love Wikipedia. LOVE it. If you aren’t in the know about it (because you live in a well and like to make disturbing videotapes and show up 7 days later and kill . . . uh, nevermind), Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is constantly updated and edited by regular folks like you and […]

In which Comcast finds itself on my s**tlist and redeems itself

Subtitle: Also, Stefan leaves me a rude message on my cell phone.

I’m watching TV th’other day, minding my own business, when suddenly I see it: commercial. For Comcast. Who is offering DVR (Digital Video Recorder, like Tivo) cable boxes. For $10 a […]

I’m going to have a seizure.

The only time that blogger screws up is when I forget to cut and paste my work to a text file before posting it.

Lengthy, largely unfunny column lost to a java exception. I mean, you really aren’t any worse off for not getting to read it, […]