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New Brigadoon pictures! Just an update of 5, though. If you already saw the previous nine, you can skip ahead to the new ones by clicking this jaunpiece, or if you weren’t paying attention when I posted the original set, you can click this defness to view them all.

Textual update tomorrow. Subject: road […]

Can someone please explain to me America’s fixation with not-so-great singers? I’m not talking about Kelly Clarkson, although pop stars as a rule usually do reach a level of suckage normally only approached the experimental prototype Bissell built a few years ago that runs on weapons-grade plutonium. No, I’m talking about actual “classical” singers, like […]

Oh, MAN. I have to stop listening to the voices in my head. Especially when those voices say, “Hey, Jared’s got a point, we should go to Hooters.”

At 9pm on a Sunday night.

Let’s set the stage: Sarah leaves town at 4pm to spend the next few days in Dover. I decide […]

* * * WEIRD DREAM ALERT!!! * * *

I need some analysis again. This one is just bizarre, but strangely enough it kinda makes sense, I think, although not to me, and probably not to anybody with an ounce of sanity remaining.

Inexplicably, I’m at an obstetrician’s office with Sarah and a […]

Brigadoon pictures are up! A couple warnings:

The pictures are pretty big, in many cases, and I saved them in the highest quality JPG format. If you’re on dialup, be prepared for some significant download times. I may fix this in the future; I may not. I’m lazy like that. There are two pictures of […]

Why yes, of COURSE I forgot to take my camera to rehearsal last night and get pictures! And I think you know why this is: I’m a dumbass. I swear to you I’ll Thursday. (Last night would have, of course, been the best possible time to do it, since I ran a few scenes and […]

I’m working another all night outage tonight!!! Let the running diary begin . . . 2317 – Well, I’ve been here at the data center for about a half an hour, got all my stuff set up, haven’t started hallucinating yet. Annoyingly, I’ve actually been working since about 6pm, since the guys on the SAN […]

I was HOPING to have a bunch of great pictures of Brigadoon rehearsal to share with y’all today, but unfortunately they keep expecting me to actually PARTICIPATE in the rehearsal. And I find it hard to stay in character when I’m also taking pictures of my costars. So I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait. […]

I gaed a waefu’ gate yestreen, A gate, I fear, I’ll dearly rue; I gat my death frae twa sweet een, Twa lovely een o’bonie blue.

‘Twas not her golden ringlets bright, Her lips like roses wat wi’ dew, Her heaving bosom, lily-white- It was her een sae bonie blue.

She talk’d, she […]

Not being a professional philosopher, I don’t really understand it, but this guy purports to have proved the existence of God. I think he’s going about it the wrong way. I can prove God exists, and here is why.

I like getting up early. I don’t actually do it, but when I’m forced to, […]