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Okay people, it’s time you learned the truth. I know nothing about Dave Chappelle’s Asian wife, assuming he actually has one. Nor do I have any pictures of cankles, and whoever of you searching for “pop zits pictures”: that is just f’d up. I mean, I love a good zit popping, but looking at pictures […]

What a weekend of moronity! (I’m not sure moronity is actually a word, but then, I’m a moron, so I probably don’t care. Not sure. I’ll get back to you.) The primary moronic thing was that out of all the cool stuff that happened, I managed to take exactly zero pictures of it all. The […]

Can somebody explain cameras to me? Why is that picture all blurry? Is it the ISO? (I set it at 400. I figure that’s the best, like 400 speed film. What the hell does it mean?) Is it the “noise reduction?” This camera cost me $500 and I can’t get a crisp, smooth picture […]

Whoof. Last couple days have been full of annoyances:

Sarah’s sick. Not sure what’s wrong, yet, but her tonsils and uvula are swoll up like Roast Beef’s bozack and she sounds like a muppet. So I took off work yesterday to drag her to the doctor, which took like 45 minutes because apparently the test […]

You know the first time you go to the doctor, and he explains that the growth on your stomach is relatively normal? That it’s just a massive beer gut? Remember the relief you felt when you realize you DIDN’T have a massive tumor on your torso, but instead would just have to diet and lose […]

Just a few ramblings today:

My poll on whether or not I should audition for the Brandywiners’ production of Brigadoon is going nicely; so far, 4-0 in favor. John Kerry would KILL for numbers like these! Also he’d kill to not have a face like Joseph Merrick, but that’s neither here nor there.

In a […]

Okay, I’ve had just about enough of Timothy’s. I’m organizing a boycott. Who’s with me? WHO’S WITH ME? Let’s do a rundown of my issues with the bar:

Everything is ridiculously overpriced. $9 for a burger? $5 for a cup of friggin’ soup? Friday’s doesn’t charge that much, and Friday’s (Friday’s’s?) food is decent; we’ll […]

Because I’m absolutely freakin’ SHAMELESS, I’m stealing an idea from Jill, as recompense for her using my “post the funny search phrases” gimmick, which of course I stole from Jeff Kay. She filled out a cool questionnaire that a friend of hers sent her, but since I don’t have any cool friends with questionnaires to […]

Check the Favorite Searches, updated for March 2004, now with my comments!!! Some are greatly amusing.

So I bought the recent Norah Jones album. It’s got some absolutely incredible songs on it, and some okay ones; this is unlike the first album, which was pretty much good from beginning to end. Still, well worth the money, if only for the vast array of instruments. Here’s a short list of some of […]