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Okay, my bad, it’s been like 3 days since I was done with all the busy crap that’s kept me away from you. But now I’m back – to let you know: I can really shake ’em down.

Anyway, the show went great (I have some pictures of it that I’ll try and get […]

Here they are! The pictures from our Atlanta trip are up, hot, and ready to be examined and commented upon by all humanity. Check it out . . . check it out, I’m incredible, check it out . . .

I guess I should apologize for disappearing off the face of the earth for […]

Wednesday is Zoo day! We went to the Atlanta Zoo and had us a righteous time antagonizing the animals, at least until the elephant picked me up with her trunk and flung me into the tiger den. They were able to reattach my foot, and they say I’ll eventually get 50-60% use of it again, […]

What an amusing day. We’re still in Atlanta, of course; we got up around 9, showered, rolled out. We went to Underground Atlanta, a sort of underground mall kind of place with some shops and small exhibits and restaurants. Ate at Mick’s. Food was good, service was decent, prices were okay, entire staff was black. […]

I’m hell of in Hotlanta! Except that it’s not hot. It’s like 54 degrees. Admittedly, that’s about 20 degrees better than at home, but when I come to a place with a nickname including the word “Hot” I expect to have my piss boiling within my bladder. Instead, if I were to step outside in […]

Okay, sorry. I haven’t been here for you. I’ve been, uh, busy. I know, that’s a poor excuse. You need the fix only I can provide. Well, I’m here to make it all better, baby. Just lay back, and let The Hearn take you higher than you’ve ever been before. The Hearn will rock you […]