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If you’re a video game fan, then you know that the purchase of a new game often delivers a rush similar to that induced by high grade heroin. Hopefully, actually playing the game is as much fun as the anticipation of it; unfortunately, that’s often not true. A few months back I purchased a game […]

I’m not sure how many of y’all work on your own cars; I’m assuming all of the guys, at least, because if a guy can’t change his own oil, he probably drinks wine coolers and has seen Yanni in concert. Multiple times. Anyway, this column is for those of my readers who grease their own […]

Note to all of my friends: no more scheduling of weddings during important football games.

This weekend we married off Mandy and Speech, aka Mandra and La Mouton Rouge. Unfortunately, while the ceremony was happening, UD was going through multiple overtimes of football against rival UMass. Next week, Jodi and Todd will be getting […]

When I last left you, I was discussing buying a new home, and we had just had our offer accepted. You, as I recall, thought that the process was complete, and I laughed at you like a rabid hyena. The process continues! Here are the remaining steps to owning your own home: Schedule a home […]

So HW and I are buying a house, which most of you know already. (Pictures of the new place can be found here.) What you probably aren’t familiar with is the entire home buying process, so I figured I’d enlighten you as to what exactly we did to purchase our new home.

Step 1: […]

This is it! I’m finally completing the process of puberty. Or at least I’m past the midway point. I now have to shave every day.

That may not seem like an accomplishment in and of itself, but when coupled with the fact that I now have a pretty nice collection of chest hairs (even […]

Is it just me, or are people wearing a lot more perfume recently? Perhaps I’m just sensitive to it because I’m a singer. There’s nothing quite like taking a deep breath just as an old lady walks by wearing two gallons of Eckerd’s new scent “Intransigence”, followed by your throat snapping shut and your nose […]