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I am a regular American.

I have a decent job, a hot wife, no kids, a large black truck, I’m buying a house in a few months. I’m college educated, slightly smarter than the average person, and I only work as hard as I need to. But I’m unsatisfied. I’m feeling a bit of […]

Okay, here we have ’em, this week’s BCS rankings for the Thing in a Bag Fantasy Football League (TIABFFL)! Okay, nobody will care but the 12 people with teams on this list. Who am I kidding? Nobody will care but me, and perhaps Kyle. (Scroll down past the table of random-ass numbers for explanation and […]

Someday, at my first AA meeting, they’ll ask me, “Well, Matt, why would you think that drinking scotch at 9 am is a normal pastime?” And I’ll have to simply reply, “Homecoming.” And everyone will smile and nod, and possibly a few will take a quick nip from a hidden flask.

Most folks think that […]

I’m not sure anymore if there’s a God, but it’s fairly clear that supernatural gears are at work in our lives. Don’t believe in curses? Neither did I, before this week. Okay, maybe just a little. But I tell you now, curses are real and at work in our lives.

The Boston Righteous would […]