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Cluck, cluck!

I present you, first, with a clucking chicken: I then present you with the entire Hearn crew, post-trick-or-treating: Hope your Halloween was rad, and devoid of horrible peanut-allergy reactions!

The words of boys

(For ease-of-reading, any speech below attributed to little boys has been translated into adult English, so that you don’t have to read text like “Thaniel, can you klay wif me?”)

Charles, like many kids his age, is remarkably literal. If I have to chastise him for not eating, I will often unthinkingly say things like, […]


Antibiotics suck. Not only is Charles still fighting an ear infection, the Amoxycillin gave him a yeast infection on his, um…how shall I put this? On his nards. His berries. His junk. This is absolutely something we wanted to be worrying about 4 days before having our second child.

The in-laws were kind enough to […]


I’ve been trying to find fun stuff to do with Charles before The Baby comes and takes us out of the power play and into man-to-man coverage. Earlier in the month we went to the zoo (always a favorite for me; I love a good capybara). Yesterday, I discovered that as a result of Monday […]

License to Ill

Everybody at Team Hearn has been fighting a nasty cough for the better part of, oh, 2009. It’s just going back and forth; Charles came down with it first, then I got it, went to Sarah, back to Charles, back to Sarah, back to me, back to Charles again. It’s icky. Worse yet, it resulted […]

Some Charlesage

So the pictures of Charles that I promised would be up last Wednesday or Thursday are up on Tuesday the following week. Don’t let anybody tell you I’m on time, because they would be UNCORRECT.

Click here for the rad. Party on!

Who’s the king of unfulfilled promises? (Points to self) This guy!!! Here is the batch of Charles pictures I promised would be up on Friday. Forgive me; I know not how stupid I am.

Charles has been busy, again. Woo!

In lieu of actually writing something (things continue to be INSANE at the office, and I end up either spending all evening doing work, or actively avoiding computers at all costs), I give you a recent update to CharlesHearn.com. Enjoy! There will be more in weeks to come.

Charles is as bad as I am about posting, but here’s some new pictures to keep things THRILLED TO THE MAX!