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I quoted a lot

I love this: Hey you. You there in the Glenn Beck T-shirt headed off to the Tea Party Patriot rally.

Stop shouting for a moment, please, I want to explain to you why you’re so very angry. You should be angry. You’re getting screwed…Look, you can go back to yelling at me in a minute, but […]

So cold

To celebrate my birthday (I’m old! Again!), I’ve decided to spend Superbowl Sunday sending my body into shock and possibly dying on a beach. It’s for charity, though, so it’s all good. That’s right: I’m participating in the Lewes Polar Bear Plunge, which takes place not in Lewes, but Rehoboth. (Makes sense.) If you would […]


Beware: many of these pictures of the Haiti Earthquake are unpleasant, involving nasty injuries and dead bodies.

Have you donated to the Red Cross?


This is crazy: What really interests me is that it doesn’t even appear that boat traffic stopped, or even slowed down, even as MASSIVE storm cells passed directly over the city. Are Hong Kong folks just used to getting pounded by typhoons?