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Save me, Jebus

Who got a perfect score (15 out of 15) on this quiz about general religious knowledge? THIS GUY. Take the quiz, and then check out the demographic information. The second most knowledgeable were Atheists/Agnostics. “Worship Service Attendance” (weekly, monthly/yearly, seldom/never) had almost no correlation to increased knowledge. All in all a pretty interesting result.

Jebus brings down the house

I can’t imagine the production company involved will allow it to stay up for long, so move on this quick. Bill Maher’s “Religulous,” all up ons The Youtube. It’s in 10 sections, each of about 10 minutes apiece. Very thought-provoking, although you do have to tolerate a remarkable amount of blowhardiness from Bill.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Over at Andrew’s blog, his fill-ins (particularly Patrick) have been talking a lot about atheism, and posting replies from readers with their own thoughts. This one hit particularly close to home: Maybe there is a god. Maybe there are many gods. Maybe there’s no god at all … Maybe in the end it doesn’t matter, […]