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McDonalds is bad for yoooou

I didn’t manage to get a post up yesterday, as you may or may not have noticed, if you had been waiting with baited breath until the wee hours and finally went to bed, disappointed, wiping cold tears from your cheeks and cursing the day you ever trusted Matt “Le Douteux” Hearn.

It wasn’t the […]

Aerodynamic improvements

I’ve been talking a while about my fitness and diet regimen (not that I used the word “regimen;” if you have been using the word “regiment” to describe anything but a military unit, you are a stupid-ass), and figured it was time to share a little results in the form of imagery: The new hotness, […]

Downside of the intertubes

Eek. If you have time for a little long-form journalism, check out this GQ piece on a teenage boy in Wisconsin who posed as a girl on the interwebs to lure other male students into sending nude pictures, which he then used to blackmail them into sexual activities. Way creepy.

Grease me up, laddie!

This looks…greasy. (via Andrew) Two athletes compete during the Turkish oil wrestling event in the western German city of Kassel on June 28, 2009. In the Turkish national sport also known as Yagh gueres, the athletes douse themselves with olive oil before the fight.

Not Scotsmen