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Cluck, cluck!

I present you, first, with a clucking chicken: I then present you with the entire Hearn crew, post-trick-or-treating: Hope your Halloween was rad, and devoid of horrible peanut-allergy reactions!


Josephine receives a kitty card from her lovely Auntie Rach. In lieu of subtitles, here’s how it went down: “Kitty! Meow!” ::hug::

Grins and giggles

There are a handful of new pictures of a smiley baby over at Josephine’s site. Enjoy!

3 weeks!

A few more pictures of a pretty lady over at Josephine’s website.


Honkin’ at the honey in front-a ya with the bright eyes.

Josephine AletaMae Hearn


7:35am. 7 lbs. 11 oz., 20.75 inches. Everyone is doing GREAT!