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Dancing With The Chaz

Apparently Jesus hates Chaz Bono. Who knew? […]

I’ll make love to…this beer

Oh yes. This happened.

You’re right, I have had professional vocal training!

A high-hat, with a souped up tempo

The Tell-Tale Heart was the first story I ever remember reading that actually scared me. At some point I got into some crazy Lovecraftian stuff, like all extra-literate teenagers, but I remember reading The Tell-Tale Heart in about the 5th grade, in class in the middle of the day, and shivering. Ol’ Edgar Allen was […]

Bless the Mayan calendar

Heehee snark snark snark!


I know, I know, all I’ve been doing lately is posting links to silly pointless crap, but at least this way I’m not leaving the site unattended for weeks at a time. Once again this year I’m caught up in musical theatre, and it sucks up a lot of time. We’re doing Fiddler on the […]

So cold

To celebrate my birthday (I’m old! Again!), I’ve decided to spend Superbowl Sunday sending my body into shock and possibly dying on a beach. It’s for charity, though, so it’s all good. That’s right: I’m participating in the Lewes Polar Bear Plunge, which takes place not in Lewes, but Rehoboth. (Makes sense.) If you would […]


A flip of the beanie to Andrew for this’n:


‘Tis bettet to give than receive, says Scott Meyer:


Can you count to 81?

You like number games? Sudoku? Ken-Ken? Then take Numbrix to the house. You’ll be glad you did! Also you’ll be ensmarten’d.

Trains and automobiles; no planes

It’s the most craziest tiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear! Also: It’s gettin’, it’s gettin’, it’s gettin’ kinda hectic. We’re trying to take the kids to as much cool holiday stuff as possible, so Saturday we dragged both urchins and both of Sarah’s parents to the Auburn Heights Preserve, which I honestly had never even heard of […]