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Aerodynamic improvements

I’ve been talking a while about my fitness and diet regimen (not that I used the word “regimen;” if you have been using the word “regiment” to describe anything but a military unit, you are a stupid-ass), and figured it was time to share a little results in the form of imagery: The new hotness, […]


It’s been a loooooooong-A time since I’ve made fun of the…unique, let’s say, searches that people put into their googlers that lead them to this site, so let’s make the MAGIC happen! (The numbers at the end of each line are the number of searches made with that string, that led people all up ins […]


Been hell of busy. Three kids, man. Three.

That being said, there’s been much going on. Our good friends Sarah and Zak got married over the weekend; my own personal Sarah was the matron of honor, and I did me some singing and guitar strummin’, and also got a small group together to sing an […]

In which my recent absence is explained

This is yet another in the seemingly unending series of posts in which I say “Sorry I haven’t been posting!” and “I’m going to start posting more!” followed by disappearing into the ether for another 4-7 months because I’m a schmuck.

My bad.

It’s not deliberate. I still feel that explanations are owed, however, so […]


Here’s a fun little secret you probably would have been able to guess on your own: I like to curse. I am a curser. There is nothing quite as cathartic as stringing together a remarkable series of expletives and animal sounds, and I have to tell you, some of my improvisations are truly memorable. Like […]

Eyeball pressure

I’ve had this funny spot in my vision for a couple days, and also I haven’t seen an optometrist in roughly ever, so I scheduled an appointment to have my peepers examined yesterday. I’m the only person of my age that I know who doesn’t wear any kind of corrective lenses, but recently things have […]


Not surprising, I guess. I do love me some tweetin’.

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I ambled over to TweetPsych.com and got a nifty psychological analysis of my tweets. Things it revealed: You often talk about the physical characteristics of things. Uh…okay. I’m not sure what this means. If you’re talking about a thing, seems like the physical characteristics of it would come up. You talk about yourself a lot. […]

With a little tomato and mayonnaise

Grilled cheese is pretty delicious, I have to say. Probably my favorite, uh, meal. (Read the comments, they are fantastic.)

Sixty-five questions

It’s like playing 20 questions, if the questioner is outrageously stupid. Stolen from Chris Turner via Faceb√ľk. First thing you wash in the shower? My face, in a (so far) almost complete and utter failure to try and keep my skin clear. What color is your favorite hoodie? Rojo. Would you kiss the last person […]