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Discuss ALL the things!

Let’s blast through a number of interesting topics on this Freaky Friday: I’m always amazed at people who think that stuff happens to them in some kind of vacuum. Folks who associate with douchebags, and then are surprised when those douchebags treat them like crap. Folks who have 4 kids with 3 different partners and […]


I know, I know, all I’ve been doing lately is posting links to silly pointless crap, but at least this way I’m not leaving the site unattended for weeks at a time. Once again this year I’m caught up in musical theatre, and it sucks up a lot of time. We’re doing Fiddler on the […]

Long day

Been a busy day, so no significant updates, but here’s a few amusements for ye:

I went to high school here. Fire! Awesome. One for the baseball fans; this killed me. You don’t have to be scared of vegetarians. Oh crap. Apparently this is real. Why won’t she just go away? Sorry for the light […]

Help yourself

Chris Hardwick over at nerdist.com has an interesting post on confidence. The gist: know how to do something that you love, really well. Even if you’re in a situation where that expertise doesn’t really apply, the simple fact that you’re really good at something can be a subconscious morale booster.

A collection of things that are wrong

I feel guilty for laughing at these things, but cannot help myself: Andrew Sullivan shows us how the Catholic Church feels about its youth. This young lady loves her some John Mayer. (For which I do not fault her; he’s like a tattoo’d god.) A new iPhone app that everybody would want, if Apple hadn’t […]

I spit links ’cause baby I can’t talk it

Link day! It’s been a while, I’ve got the hot stuff to share.

Like photography? Check out this portfolio commenting on how animals interact with the humans that roll all up in their shizzito. Note: the shots were staged with taxidermicalated critters, so don’t worry when you see, say, a little girl in a swimsuit […]

Last Link Day of ’08

If you’re curious about what kind of economic downturn we could be facing, check this out. It’s pretty grim. I’m pretty optimistic, personally, but that will probably change if I, say, get fired and take up alcoholism. A couple Youtube clips worth checking out: Widor Toccata. Probably my favorite piece for organ, but holy […]

Link day!

The debate was last night, I’m sure everybody watched at least part of it. I’m dramatically unqualified to judge the candidates on their political merits, particularly in the area of foreign policy and economics (aka the only two real issues in this election), so take this with a grain of salt. What I said on […]

Throwing down a few links at ye

Did you notice I’ve started using titles on my posts? I totally am! The reason is this: I felt that the Chase Utley post from last week needed a title, so I turned them on. That’s it. I guess I could turn them back off, but meh. At least this way the RSS feed will […]

Gaming for the bored

Somehow I managed to write this in its entirety last week, and not post it. Good job, Hearn! Idiot. Here it is, a week later:

In lieu of actual humor and important stuff, I give you a modified link day! Today’s links are all games that I’ve come across lately, and they are AWESOME.