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Falling off the wagon

Golly, it’s been a brutal week. I actually wrote a post on Monday but forgot to actually, you know, publish it, and I kept putting it off, and procrasting, as I do, and yesterday was my birthday so Sarah’s just been stuffing me with things that are very bad for me and inspiring me to […]

Come on Irene

I probably should not have spent Friday and Saturday making fun of all the people who were frantically running around buying up all the batteries, milk, bread, and gasoline. Irene exacted a measure of revenge, although I should be clear nothing terribly serious happened, nobody was hurt, and I suspect insurance will take care of […]

I am not an economic genius. My grasp of world-wide fiscal issues is worse than tenuous. But certain things seem obvious: it’s probably better for people to be working and earning an income than not. This is why I’ve greatly enjoyed a post from Karl Smith and a follow-up from Matthew Yglesias (whose twitter handle […]


3 minutes my DIMPLED PINK ASS.


Kanye says “sorry.” Er, wait, that’s: “SORRY!!!11!!!” I’M SOOOOO SORRY TO TAYLOR SWIFT AND HER FANS AND HER MOM. GOOD START, KANYE! EVERYBODY WANNA BOOOOO ME BUT I’M A FAN OF REAL POP CULTURE!!! Oh, if only I had known you were a fan of pop culture! I wouldn’t have immediately said to my wife, […]

I’ll take a bowl

This would be the best “soup and sandwich” deal ever.

Particularly if the sandwich is a beer.

Move, B, get out the way

Can someone explain to me this behavior? You’re walking down a hallway, and someone is coming from the opposite direction. It’s a big hallway, so there’s plenty of room for you to pass each other, but the person coming your way was sort of in the center, and refuses to yield, forcing you to walk […]


Good gravy, what a day. At work we racked six (6) large unix servers, which requires putting special slidey rails into big racks, then taking them out and doing it again, because we either put them in backwards or used the wrong screws, meaning that the server could fall out of the rails and crunch. […]

Idyllic as hell

Found this pretty field of clover whilst out on a hike yesterday. Not five minutes later I came upon a group of high-schoolers who asked if I had any rolling papers.

The words of boys

(For ease-of-reading, any speech below attributed to little boys has been translated into adult English, so that you don’t have to read text like “Thaniel, can you klay wif me?”)

Charles, like many kids his age, is remarkably literal. If I have to chastise him for not eating, I will often unthinkingly say things like, […]